We will craft a story about you. Let's talk.

A brand, a media outlet or a piece of content are all driven by a strong, clear and communicable story.

So, we work with you to craft this fundamental necessity – your story.

When we talk, we will draw out the elements that drive you.

We are a curious and individualistic team, itching to tell your story well.

We are a small team. Only three people.

But, the nature of our capacities and the degree of our ambition is far greater.

If you ask anyone who has spoken to us. They will say that we inject potential, method and strategy into every conversation that we are a part of.

What do you think we can partner in achieving together?

Storyflock was founded in 2018.

Brand Strategy

You might be an individual, an entrepreneur or a socially engaged institution.
Your brand is what people know you as.
And a brand strategy educates your target audience about you.
And it also reduces your overall cost of marketing and promotion.


Your brand needs a voice.

It needs to be vocal and articulate about its offerings, its knowledge and its interests.

To do this, we produce podcasts for you. Full service: from concept to script & execution.

And we also conduct workshops with your team to contribute to it internally

Live Events

Your brand needs an articulate face.

And customers generally like brands to be present and available.

We produce live events for your brand and give it a presence.

These events can be conferences, panel discussions, media events or other formats.


Your web shop needs a content strategy.

To give your customers a reason to keep coming back.

Your website should be usable, memorable and attractive.

Writing & Copy

We work in a flexible, versatile and experienced manner with text.
If, what you want to say is lingering in your mind.
We will cast it into words.

Essays + Scripts

Some thoughts are ideas until they are expanded.

But, we expand ideas in clear and structured ways.

What do you want us to write today?


Your offering needs an evocative name to flourish in the market.

A name which is musical, catchy, memorable, unique and sensible.

Whether you are a startup, product, service, initiative or project – we can help you name them.


You want to communicate your offering in a split second.

If you need a crisp tagline for your brand, we can help.

Also, urgent service available.


How can everyday experiences be made more fluid?
We want to find out. So, we design tangible and intangible interactions.
Usability – in interfaces as well as products is our passion.


An educational experience should be designed for its users.

And curricula can be designed in a user-centred way.

This curricula can be shared though workshops, training programmes and e-learning modules.


Research parses past knowledge to formulate questions for the future.

Through research we find out what has been done so far. And figure what else is worth doing.

We can conceptualise research for design, innovation and social development.


Libraries are spaces where knowledge can be accessed easily.

And, they are not just spaces to stack and store books.

We design accessible libraries for your school, institution or home.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Do you work remotely?

Yes, we are very efficient at working remotely over slack (with email, dropbox and google drive).

Are you expensive?

No, not necessarily so. We like to partner with individuals and institutions in a long-term & non-transactional relationships. How our working relationship contributes to the growth of both our organisations matters more than the value of a specific engagement.

Do you do film production?

We help in developing the script. For production, we collaborate with friends.

Do you do xyz?

Please check. We might, as we pretty versatile.

Did you say that urgent service for tagline is available? How urgent?

Yes. Generally with a turnaround of twenty-four (24) hours. If you need some options quicker, pls call.

Do you work with Hindi text/copy?



Selected Clients (past & present)

Tatvic Analytics
W2 Why Wait
Lintel Technologies
Quest Alliance
Roseate House
Mojarto, an NDTV venture
Akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta

Talk to us, take your story to new directions.

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Our Team

Prayas Abhinav

Prayas Abhinav


Prayas has extensive experience in a range of roles. He has worked as an artist, a design academic, a copywriter in an advertising agency and a freelance film producer.

Priyamvada Gaur

Priyamvada Gaur


Priyamvada is an architect by training. She has done extensive research on the design of libraries and collapsible structures. At Storyflock she is working on a range of new furniture concepts.

Manjushree Abhinav

Manjushree Abhinav


Manjushree is a filmmaker, writer and a teacher. She has directed numerous documentary films and authored a novel. At Storyflock, she helps organic food collectives in building supply-chain systems.