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A web presence is like a digital home for your business. Many of the factors involved in the design of a home are also involved in the design of a website. A website needs to adequately represent the institution in question in terms of its graphic identity (colours, typography, layout, icons and graphics), its accessibility (compliance with standards, speed, availability in different formats and languages) and its applications of contemporary UI/UX conventions. The prospect of having a functional web presence has almost become generic today. But a web presence that takes care of all the above factors is something that is still an important and crucial process.

An institution’s web presence is often the first interface of its interaction with the public. It also makes the first impression and is an essential part of the flow of digital marketing. We can make an optimal, designed, an accessible and modern website to represent your institution. We also develop story-driven micro-sites that present specific ideas in a simple way. Such websites can be utilised for campaigns, promotions, conferences, call for entries and surveys.