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Do you want to create a knowledge-base of your organisation’s legacy?

Institutions are designed to operate for long periods of time in a dynamic and responsive way. The team at institutions does not remain consistent. There is a constant movement – people leave and join the institution for various reasons – both personal and professional. The task of keeping this dynamic workforce in sync often presents itself as a challenge to the leaders of the institution. Institutions sometimes manage to address this challenge by pursuing documentation and building knowledge-bases.

We can work with institutions to build knowledge-bases that grow with them. These knowledge-bases can be digital systems as well as analogue archives. The documented and collected information can then be further disseminated through workshops, training sessions and games. These activities have to be conceptualised because the existence of a knowledge-base does not mean that it will automatically be engaged with. We can help institutions address challenges at both these levels – compiling a knowledge-base as well as working to make the workforce aware of it.