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Do you want to enrich your institution with a curated lecture series?

A lecture series offers us a exposure in a format that allows us to become aware of a wide range of practices. Operating in the present format of business successfully requires familiarity with a wide range of topics and domains of knowledge. Knowledge of technology, international relations, finance, science, history, philosophy and many other domains go to creating a dynamic and innovative work environment. If a group is exposed to a sufficient diversity of ideas, their minds will get stimulated in a creative and innovative way.

Institutions often pay external consultants and designers fees to shape their strategy and make them future-ready. Isn’t it more appropriate to organise a program that can inspire your team to be creative and innovative instead? A well-curated lecture series curated by Storyflock can offer you just that benefit. Usually a programme like a lecture series can be scaled to fit the resource constraint of the host institution. There is a vast pool of resource people in all fields and in all locations – with some research and networking, they can be identified.