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Do you want help with drafting a report?

A well-drafted report communicates the effort, action and resource-utilisation involved in the implementation of a project. This project in question might be in a corporation, a non-profit, an educational institution or some other kind of entity. Generally, anybody that has a membership-based structure or external investors or donors needs to periodically publish reports. We specialise in producing a few specific kinds of reports: audits and reviews (creative work environment, design thinking ability, brainstorming methods and processes used, quality of design process).

A report needs to be precise, clear and written in a simple and comprehensible fashion.

Informative reports are generally based on information shared by the project team and are then developed further by our copywriters and communication experts.

Audit and review-based posts are based on data that has been collected by our researchers and strategists and then further analysed by our tools. This data is then further processed and is narrated through content and design as needed.