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‘Design Thinking’ is a method of thinking that has the potential to solve problems and develop insights. It is a very systematic and methodical way of thinking which can be developed and practised. We have developed a curriculum and system to make it possible for us to help students and executives perform this kind of thinking on a consistent basis. Organisations that want to leverage the power of ‘Design Thinking’ also have to design systems/procedures to implement the ideas and insights which are generated as a result. We help organisations at both these stages: develop a capacity for ‘Design Thinking’ as well as develop systems to absorb/implement the output of this capacity.

We do free ‘Design Thinking’ seminars to let organisations engage with us and observe our method, style and the kind of rapport we establish with participants. We establish an enabling environment in which participants can freely ask questions, ask us for further elaborations and request specific clarifications. We review all applications for free seminars personally, and the ones which are accepted are responded to within two weeks.