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Do you want to imagine the future?

The future is sometimes frightening, sometimes mysterious and is always an unknown and dark force. The seeds of the future can be found in our present. Which of these seeds will germinate and which will not is a process that involves investigation, speculation and reflection. We help organisations process the information and conduct the research necessary to find this out. This process has to be led in a slightly counter-intuitive manner. One has to be open to discover new information and at the same time be in the pursuit of something specific (as indicated by the research).

This is a process that is similar to Zen archery – one has to reach the endpoint without making a plan. This is possible only with the utmost spontaneity, confidence and self-reflexivity. Spontaneity means to be able to set one’s course of action without sufficient data, in an instinctive way. Confidence means to have the will and mental-preparedness to act as and when needed. Self-reflexivity means to be able to change one’s course of action as one gathers more knowledge and information.