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Do you want to shape public culture in a new way?

Shaping public culture is a very ambitious objective. It is not achievable over the short-term and can be observed only as a long-term effect of actions and programmes. Our public culture in India operates in a context in which only commercial organisations and government organisations are able to spend enough resources, time and effort to effect a long-lasting change. The sometimes sporadic and under-strategised efforts of artists, non-profits and activists have a very low rate-of-success. We offer these smaller-scale initiatives and efforts helpful ways, methods and strategies to make a bigger impact than what they can manage so far.

We want to play a supportive role in the eco-system and allow organisations of all capacities to be successful in making a contribution to our public culture. Our collective cultural environment will become more diverse, more dynamic and more open in such an ecosystem. We can support organisations by supporting and implementing their social media strategy, communication strategy, web strategy and cultural strategy.