Name for a University Complaint Management Software System

Project Year: 2017 Brief: Conveying both the university and the functionality of the software system (client: Lintel Technologies Pvt Ltd)

Name for a Shea Butter Product

Project year: 2019 Brief: Pure shea butter sources discovered by globe-trotters

Name for a Furniture & Product Design Company


Project year: 2019 Brief: Unique and delightfully designed products

Name for a Public Art Project

Project year: 2007 Brief: The city is dynamic and in constant flux and artists can capture these phenomenon in interesting ways.

Name for Collaborative & Participative Art Project

Project year: 2017 Brief: Creating a space that is throbbing with creative instinct

Name for Natural Agricultural Produce Brand

Project year: 2019 Brief: Affordable natural agricultural produce brand.

Names for a new range of planters by Credo

Brief: Unique names which have a refined and select sound. Duration: One week in June 2014 Resource: One copywriter

Product Descriptions for a Catalogue of Artist-Designed Products

Brief: To describe the products in a poetic but relatable way Duration: December 2013 Resource: One writer

Press Campaign for Jivo Wheat Grass Drink

Brief: To communicate health benefits of wheat-grass juice by using an understandable/identifiable method Duration: October-November 2017 Contribution: Copy (the design was done by a Delhi based agency) Resource: One copywriter.

Social Media Storytelling for W2 Why Wait

Brief: To articulate the unique qualities of the brand in an engaging way. Duration of project: November 2017 to March 2018. Resources: Two people (one: copy, one: design). Campaign 1 – Initial Brand Story Campaign 2 – Focus on ingredients Campaign 3 – Sharp