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A small but diversely skilled team


Prayas Abhinav Curator

Prayas has worked as an artist, curator, writer and teacher across the last 15 years. His research interests have been systems, design thinking, technology and language. Know more about him here.

Priyamvada GaurArchitectural Designer

Priyamvada has studied architecture and is presently engaged with developing and prototyping different kinds of spatial systems. 

Indrojit ChaudhuriStrategist

Indrojit has worked in the digital space for fifteen odd years. He has worked in companies of various sizes and has played different roles – from business to content development. He has also co-authored a book on street foods of Delhi. 

Manjushree AbhinavConsultant

Manjushree is a filmmaker, writer, teacher and healer. She has conducted filmmaking and screenwriting workshops and published a novel.

Assorted web services – Superpowers

We use a wide-set of automation, design and analysis tools to enable us to do things usually possible only with the serious application of muscle (in the form of financial capital or human resource). 

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